22 Desember 2011


Jadah Generation's signature pose -_-

Yeayeayea... JadahGeneration and I had a kinda girls' day out after a week struggling on 1st term examination. 13-12-11 whatta nice date, and it's Icha's birthday actually, we were preparing a surprise for her too.

 Icha the 'torture' birthday girl :P

Then we headed to school to celebrate our soccer team qualification's victory, 

And last.. we went to nadya's house to held a face deco party and phutu phutu narziz Selca-whoring session. these girls are sooooo insane haha -_-v


Everyone put an extreme "tatoos" on their face except me due my sensitive skin. I only drew this korean flag on my cheek and palm -_-

난 네가 없을 때면 너무 쓸쓸해 
nan nega eobseul ttaemyeon neomu sseulsseulhae
(I feel really lonely when you're not here)

난 네가 아플 때면 잠 못 들고 걱정해
nan nega apeul ttaemyeon jam mot deulgo geokjeonghae
(I can't sleep and worry about you when you're sick)

이 세상 하나뿐인 my friend
i sesang hanappunin my friend
(There's no one like you in this world, my friend)

나의 기쁨 나의 영혼
naui gippeum naui yeonghon
(You're my joy and my soul)

그런 소중함을 지켜갈게
geureon sojunghameul jikyeogalge
(I'll continue to treasure the preciousness)

하늘에 영원히 맹세해
haneure yeongwonhi maengsehae
(I swear to God forever)

사랑해 친구야  
Saranghae chinguya
(I love you my friend)

내 삶의 선물이야 my friend

nae sarmui seonmuriya my friend
(You're the gift in my life, my friend)

나의 보석 나의 기적

naui boseok naui gijeok
(You're my jewel, my miracle)

그런 감사함을 지켜갈게
geuron gamshahabneul Jikyeolgage
(I'll continue to appreciate you)

하늘에 또 한번 맹세해
haneure tto hanbeon maengsehae
(I swear to God once again)

사랑해 친구야  

Saranghae chinguya
(I love you my friends)

SNSD- My Bestfriend

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