31 Oktober 2011

15th Birthday Blast

At first, I don't expect something "wow" on my birthday this year. Just simply and peacefully. But.. everything's suddenly became "wow" when my mom woke me up way too early -_- She was keep knocking on my door and told me that 'someone' want returned my book. I was have no idea who the heck 'someone' is. So I walked out the door, suddenly I saw....


And I was like.. "WHAT THE..... crap! they saw my bed-face, omg!!!" yeah.. feels like i'm going to jump from the window, shocked and embarassed -_- I bet my face would be like this:

Lmao -_- they brought a lot of stuff, such as party hat, baloon, birthday cake, and other whatsoever things.

Birthday Cake

Heart Balloon

"Happy Birthday Ananda Yufrindita O, Wish you al the best" From Lizza

"Annyeong, Saengilchukkahamnida nae chingu, Ananda Yufrindita" from sarah :*
In English: "Hello, Happy Birthday my friend, Ananda Yufrindita" I can read hangul a little bit :3

"Sekarang Beta Ulangtahunm semoga tidak bantu mama ambil air lagi" From Danu

In English: "Now is Beta's Birthday, hope she won't help her mom picking some waters again"  Yeah, Danu's kinda obsessed with a local commercial -__-v

Wishlist, and kiss mark -_- from Satwika 'Poodle'

"Ananda" Grafitti from Mahesa

"Happy Birthday Ananda Yufrindita, Wish You All The Best" From nadya

14 Oktober 2011

When I'm Bored...

Blended Greentea  :9

(Annyeonghaseo = hello)

Where am I? :p

All photos were taken from my ipod. Take out with full credit please ^^


ou slightly look at me a few times
And you try to poke at me
You thought you could have me
Go away!
 you play around and you'll get hurt
You'll be yelled at if you keep hitting on me
Slowing hunting and quickly hooking
The love that I know isn't like that
Patiently waiting and patiently approaching to take my heart
 that is the right way"
(Nine Muse- Figaro, english translation)