13 Juni 2011

Korean Idols Music Concerts Hosted in Indonesia (KIMCHI)

Thanks God, My dream is totally come true! I can saw this 'most-wanted-concert' on 4th June. Awesome performance by Super Junior, X5, The Boss, Park Jung Min of SS501, and Girl's day. But unfortunately my aunt borrowed my camera and I took all these photo by my phone camera T_T

The Boss became the opening performance

And then X5's performance...

Next, the only one girlband in this event: Girl's Day

Park Jung Min's performance came afterward

And the last... the-most-wanted-performance: SUPER JUNIOR

They show Siwon's apology message to Indonesian ELF first:

Click here to see HD version

Well...  I guess that's all for now I'll upload it later. cause it take too much time for uploading the videos

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