29 Mei 2011

Farewell Party

It was an art day and farewell party in my school few days ago, well.. that's kinda embarrasing because the other school held their farewell party in other town like Bandung and Jogja, soooo damn envy..
and hell yeah I cut my hair and it's too short T_T

Math vs Sport teacher, which one will win? -_-

So many pictures of em' I can't upload all of them now cause it'll take a very very long time T_T

19 Mei 2011

Bandung (Again?)

Bandung's seems like a holiday destination for people in Tangerang and Jakarta like me -_-
I stayed there for 5 days. And inadvertently met my kindergarten friend; Rickent. what an awkward moment haha

Coconut Fried Rice, supaaa delicious :9

Human-sized Teletubies house -_-

My Mom were totally freaking out when I drove the car haha

My sister w/ rickent's sister

01 Mei 2011


Gown made from discarded children books by: Ryan Novelline
Boston-based fashion designer Ryan Novelline has created an amazing fairytale dress using only pages from children's Golden Books. 

Dress made from 1200 pens by: Anette Carey

Inspired by Lady Gaga, a Britain designer: Anette Carey, created this US$ 16.000 dress in 640 hours only! with 1200 bic pens and 2000 swarovski crystal, dress weight reached 3.6 pounds.

Fergie's Lego Dress

Fergie looks stunning with this Lego-ified ensemble from designer Michael Schmidt at nickelodeon's 24th Anual Kid's Choice Awards.