29 April 2011


That's my sister, wearing Javanese traditional clothes. Her school is about to celebrate kartini's day
and she's pose like a real model, no one teach her like that -_-

Blame it on the alcohol

Blame it on the alcohol....

Blame it on the vodka...

Blame it on the henny...

Or maybe you can blame it to the girl who wrote this post...

Vacation.. here I come!

Ah finally! I've done my national exam..
now its time for refresh my mind

Here's my plan for this vacation..

Visit other countries


BFF quality time

Being slim, beauty, and dance like Park Kahi Afterschool

Sing love songs with my 'future boyfriend'

Buy supa cool shoes


Stay at home until the holiday end and my face will turn like this  -_-

23 April 2011

Battle day!!

Still can't believe this..



I'm going to 'fight' till thursday

soo.. wish me luuucckkkk! ^^

21 April 2011

09 April 2011

Get Live and Get Rock!

Sooooo excited!! I went to Live&Rockin' Concert by Blackberry last month :D
yeah, that was the first time I saw  2PMTaio CruzShontelle, and Suede on the same stage and the same day!

2PM succesfully made the crowd totally amazed!! aaaa they're sooo awesome xD

unfortunately, the concert organizers forbade us to bring a professional camera, So I only can took their photos by my phone camera :(

Great performance, altough they sang 4 songs only :(

2PM tees by TOSAVICA 

Have a great day, huge thanks for my mom, Ilham, and Ka Mia :)