28 Februari 2011

4 Minute (포미닛)

4 Minute, my favorite Korean girlband, Nam Jihyun as the leader, Jeon Jiyoon and Heo Gayoon as the main vocalist, Kim Hyunah as the main rapper and Kwon Sohyun as the vocalist.

I love this girlband because they have their signature style, and their catchy song of course...

How to get their style:

10 Februari 2011

Kardashian Silly Bandz

24 pieces of silly bandz are sold start from $5.95
gee, these silly bandz are totally cool!  

Crop top is back

Slash Supra Sneakers

This is when Slash was perfoming with Fergie in superbowl few times ago,
and surprisingly, he designed it by himself! W.O.W!