02 November 2010

Peter Says Denim

While still in high school, Peter Firman, who was born February 4, 1984 Sumedang, accustomed to looking pile of clothes on the sidewalk vendors. Now, he is the owner of the business that produces clothing that has been exported to several countries.It did not take a relatively long time. 

All Peter was able to achieve in just 1.5 years since he opened his business in November 2008. Now, jeans, sweatshirts, and hats using Petersaysdenim brand, in fact, worn by personnel outside the country music group.A number of groups such as the music's Of Mice and Man, We Shot The Moon, and Before Their Eyes, from the United States, I am Committing A Sin, and Silverstein from Canada, and Not Called Jinx from Germany are familiar with the production of Peter.

The band personnel had repeatedly expressed his praise in Petersaysdenim site.On Internet sites from the band, label Petersaysdenim also listed as a sponsor. Petersaysdenim were side by side with world-class brands that become a sponsor, such as Gibson, Fender, Peavey, and Macbeth.Peter jeans priced from Rp. 385,000, from Rp 200,000 hats, bags start from Rp. 235.000, and T-shirts start from Rp. 200,000. Peter's desire to grow quality clothing while he was in high school. Peter who then become employees of the shop in 2003 acquainted with many of the customers are and frequent get-togethers. He often saw his friends wear expensive clothes.

 Peter were familiar with poverty. When he was a child , where his father worked bankrupt companies so that his father had to work odd jobs. Peter has also experienced the grim. Her parents must owe it to buy food.Once they could not afford to buy rice, so Peter's family only at the mercy of her relatives. "At that time the family's economic condition is very difficult. I was still in junior high Al Ma'soem, Bandung regency, "said Peter.

While still in high school, Peter used to go to the clothing trade area in Cibadak Mall, Bandung. In that area he's trying to get a branded product, but cheaper. Cimol now no longer exists. Formerly known as stalls selling clothes that are sold in stacks.After high school, he continued his education at the University Widyatama, Bandung. However, the cost of college entrance felt very heavy, up to 5 million Rupiah. Money is giving his grandfather before he died. However, less than a month Peter decided to leave because of lack of funds. He is at odds with her parents-a dispute that had regretted Peter-because it was at great expense.

He actually started his business from scratch.

Learning to sew, cut, and also conducted his own design. While still in school at SMA Negeri 1 Cicalengka, Bandung regency

"The hard work and prayers of parents, the second factor that is pushing me to be successful. I really want to make parents happy, "he said. If funds are sufficient, he wanted his parents also can perform the pilgrimage.Although his lecture was finished, Peter is now often filling seminars on campus. He wants to give encouragement to those who intend to open a business.

Brand Petersaysdenim comes from Peter Says Sorry, the name of the music group. The position of Peter in the band as a vocalist. "I'm really confused looking for the name. Yes, it's because I sell denim products, brand names so Petersaysdenim, "he said.

Peter utilize the functions of social networking on the Internet, like Facebook, Twitter, and electronic mail for promotion and communicate with users Petersaysdenim. "July I plan to go to Canada for business. Musician friends over there want to see, "he said.

However, the invitation to meet the new met if the business is completed. Invitations were also not fool around because Peter is allowed go around special bus tour with them. Personnel of other musical groups said that if he had time to visit Indonesia really wanted to meet Peter. He expanded the business to demonstrate the existence Petersaysdenim to foreign consumers.

Revenue for the store clerk set aside to raise capital. On the sidelines of his work, he is also working on an order made clothing. Within a month, Peter on average make 100 pieces of jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts. Gains from between Rp 10,000-Rp 20,000 per piece."My salary is only around Rp 1 Rupiah per month, but the results from the second job could reach  2 Rupiah, he-he-he ...," said Peter. Income side that he received during two years of time into store clerk until 2005.

Bitter experience has also been experienced by Peter. In 2008, for example, he had deceived his friend who agreed to do an order worth 14 million Rupiah. Order can not be done, while advances 7 million Rupiah was taken away. In 2007, Peter is also working on jeans orders worth 30 million Rupiah.

Studied the export process itself by asking the agents to package delivery.Since 2007, Peter was able to finance the education of three sisters. One of them had graduated from college and work. His brother Peter was determined to push two others to complete the undergraduate level education. He was, in fact, can buy a car for his parents and renovate their house in Jalan Padasuka, Bandung.

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