06 Juli 2012

Korean Indie

Korean pop (K-pop) has become trends these days.... but I started to listen to K-indie songs lately. especially folks, jazz, and acoustic music. Calming, refreshing, and unique would be the reason why I love them.

And these are my top 5 favorite Korean Indie bands that I would reccomend to you, Enjoy! ^^

5)  Acoustic Collabo (어쿠스틱 콜라보)

After debuting in 2010 with their EP "Love Is The Key" Acoustic Collabo has been drawing more attention to themselves with their soothing guitar melodies, coupled with relaxing vocals. In 2011, the duo returned with another EP, "Valentine Makes Sweet Love" and their first full album, "Unplugged" which garnered them a respectable reputation among folk and indie music lovers.

Acoustic Collabo continues with their signature pure acoustic instrumentals and romantic lyrics, while incorporating elements of bossa nova music. As with their previous releases, An Daeun provides most of the vocals, while Kim Seungjae provides the instrumentals, as well as background vocals.

Windblows  (바람이 부네요)

4) Urban Zakapa (어반 자카파)

Urban Zakapa is an indie-jazz group consisting of nine members; four vocalists and five instrumentalists. Of the four vocalists, there is one female vocal and three male vocals. Though the four vocalists carry distinctive qualities within their singing style, all are well suited for the jazz and R&B fusion Urban Zakapa embraces. 

Drinking Coffee (커피를 마시고)

3) Raspberry Field (라즈베리필드)

The more research I did on Soy, the vocalist of Raspberry Field, the more exciting things I found out about her. Not only is she a member of old Kpop group T.T.Ma, she is Hey’s sister. Furthermore, their music is really beautiful and they can really hit you in the heart.

Saturday Afternoon (토요일 오후에)

2)  Milk tea (밀크티)

Milk Tea is a co-ed indie duo signed under Juice Media who released their first album “Delicious Time” in 2010. They followed this up with a single and now more recently, a second album called “Love Traveller”.

Ramyeon King (라면왕)

1) Dalmoon/ Oksang Dalbit (옥상달빛)

Taking pride in their extremely common characteristics and appearance, the two girls of Oksang Dalbit, a folk duo, gift our ears with their flawlessly harmonious vocals and great acoustic sound. With simple and crisp melodies reminiscent of the spring, they are slowly coming out of their underground shell to make their big break.

 Consisting of Kim Yoon-Joo and Park Se-jin, Oksang Dalbit can be considered the epitome of being young, free, and most importantly, happy.

40000 Won Goat (염소 4만원)

Hope you guys enjoyed my top 5 favorite K-indie songs. Do you listen to K-indie? What are some of your favorite songs?


Hello, Venus!

It's been a while since my last post.. I was busy preparing for my final exam on school. The result were pretty good too. I got 10th rank from 39 students in the class and made through science class. Thanks God O:)